MILTON — Information on career options and related educational opportunities is available on the Santa Rosa Career Pathways website,

A joint venture of the Santa Rosa Economic Development Office and the Santa Rosa County School District, the site provides average salary information for various jobs in technical and creative fields, along with the education available in the county to increase chances of attaining those jobs.

For example, after clicking the aviation and aerospace industry link, the next page lists jobs in that field divided into three tiers of ascending education requirements: First, Next, and Later. The first tier lists jobs, like first-line supervisor, require on-the-job training, work experience or a high school diploma. The second tier jobs, like aircraft mechanic, require two to four years of post-high school education. The third tier jobs, like aerospace engineer, require four years or more of post-high school education.

Listed with the job are associated hourly rates from $19.53 an hour for an inspector in the first tier to $51.46 an hour for a systems software developer. Salary information comes from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Below the career information is the available education in Santa Rosa County for those careers, also listed in three tiers: First, Next and Later.

For the aviation and aerospace industry, the site shows first-tier education is available through Milton High School’s Aviation Academy or the Locklin Tech Electrical and Instrumentation Technology program.

For the hospitality industry, students in middle school can enter the culinary arts academy at Gulf Breeze Middle School or King Middle School.

See the website for more details.