MILTON — The Santa Rosa County School Board has entered an agreement with Blab TV, a television station out of Pensacola, for the company to provide services to local schools at no cost to the board.


Blab TV will cover featured football games on TV, subject to Florida High School Athletics Association's approval and any other school district agreements. The television station will broadcast live on Blab TV up to 12 high school football games, according to the agreement.

During the game, a mutually agreed upon person from each school will be interviewed for approximately two minutes. There may be weekly honors for coaches, players, cheerleaders, band members and academic achievement, among other purposes, as a part of the broadcast.

Blab TV will produce and broadcast a one-hour pregame show that will preview the games that evening, or a one-hour postgame show that will highlight the evening’s games, contingent to sufficient sponsorship interest, according to the agreement. Blab TV will retain all sponsorship revenue derived from the television broadcasts.

Each Santa Rosa County school playing in the featured game will receive two minutes of commercial time to sell to sponsors, boosters or for a promotional video for the school. Blab TV will solicit all additional advertising to be broadcast during the game and ensure that all advertisers are appropriate for family viewing and are approved by the FHSAA for broadcasting. Blab TV and the school district will work together to broadcast games from Wahoo Stadium in Pensacola when reasonable and feasible, according to the agreement.

When possible, Blab TV can expand coverage to additional sports and activities, including baseball, basketball, soccer, golf and tennis; performances from the marching band, orchestra or choir; and academic competitions like spelling bees, science, math and debate, among others. 

“We are very excited to be adding an additional opportunity for our football games to be seen by viewers,” Jason Weeks, director of high schools, said. “[Now that] this agreement is approved, there will be additional information about the time of airing and schedule of games. We will communicate this information in a timely fashion to our stakeholders.”


Blab TV will produce and broadcast a 30-minute weekly program during the school year to showcase sports, academics and school activities. Blab TV will hire and compensate the hosts of the show, and the program will be taped at Blab TV’s studio, according to the agreement.

The show — which will air five times per week, including one primetime showing — will strive to showcase all of the sports offered by the school district. Schools in the district will be encouraged to provide video and editorial content, and Blab TV will retain all sponsorship revenue derived from the television broadcasts, according to the agreement.


Blab TV will provide one, three-hour training session per month during the school year for students interested in learning broadcast skills. Instructors will include Eric Ober (former president of CBS News and Food TV), Doug Bunze (producer for ESPN and NBC Sports Network), Kim Reid (Blab TV’s production and program manager) and other members of Blab TV’s production staff, according to the agreement.

Training sessions will include camera operation, editing, producing, writing, on-camera performance and career discussions. 

When possible, Blab TV will use students to fill on- and off-camera positions on Blab TV high school broadcasts, according to the agreement.