Dear editor,

The Preamble states, "promote the general welfare" and our Constitution states, "provide for the common [defense] and general welfare of the United States…”

Again, there is a difference between "promote" and "provide.”

Providing for the common defense of the United States is our military protecting our general welfare; being our own sovereignty as a nation to govern ourselves.

Nowhere in either of these excerpts does it state for the federal government to "provide" for "we the people" of the United States.

Now, reading our Constitution, it does not state that a state itself cannot provide for "we the people" of that state. California has provided for the people of that state and is $151 billion in debt.

Democrats spent about $265 billion in 2016 but collected only $155 billion in taxes with what was the sixth largest economy in the world. It's now the eighth, meaning they have lost businesses and jobs or lack economic growth.

The Democrats have done the same with the largest economy as they have with California's — thus our $20 trillion debt, $9 [trillion] under Obama.

Your wealth is determined by available money minus your debts. When your debt is much larger than your available money, you are not rich, especially when you're continually borrowing money to pay a large portion of your bills and the minimum interest payment on what you borrowed!

Obamacare gives to the poor, a loosely used definition because some elect to be poor with their own [failure] to better themselves. But we all will be poor following this California example.

You can only take so much from the rich because they will leave your state or country (sixth to the eighth largest economy) when your actions of taxing, because of spending, become unfair.

The lower middle class lose their health care because it is no longer affordable to them and now must pay an unconstitutional penalty tax on top of that insult.

The upper middle class can still afford this costly health care but are now the only true middle class left. And with this newest Democrat effort, Democrats wonder why the middle class is shrinking but insist to continue helping!

Socialists have left their failures of governing all throughout history and with the current Democrat-controlled states.

Anyone can pander buying votes.

Just imagine if both parties began to pander buying votes. Would not every political office now be won by the highest pandering bidder giving away everything to be elected!

America's financial failure!




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