PACE — Pace Rotary's recent guest speaker was Earnest Peach “Peaches,” a Master Beekeeper. He is a member of the Escarosa Beekeepers Association.

Peach began working with bees 18 to 19 years ago after an accident with an 18-wheeler. At one time, he had over 86 hives and multiple nooks (half hives). Although he no longer tends any hives, he serves as a mentor to beekeepers all over the Panhandle.

According to Peach, without bees, one-third of our food would be gone. Almonds would not even exist without pollination from bees. With this being said, bees now need help from beekeepers to combat disease and pests.

If you see a swarm of bees, do not disturb them — walk quietly away. They have little interest in stinging people. Those most in danger when stung are the elderly, those with medical issues and children. To remove a swarm, you can call your local animal control group or a local beekeeper.

Pace Rotary meets 7 a.m. Thursdays at Stonebrook Golf Club, 3200 Cobblestone Drive, Pace.