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I would like to express my sincere thanks to those responsible for beautifying the entrance into Milton. Especially for those beautiful palms and other trees that have recently been planted. I would also like to suggest, if replacing is ever necessary, to replace the crepe myrtle trees on Main Street with water oaks like the one on Elm Street. These oaks stay green and give color year round, not just like in the summer like crepe myrtles do, and [in] the winter time [they look] dead. Let's continue to make Milton more beautiful. Thanks for a beautiful job. Well done to those involved. 


This is Bob Bailey. I want to state my opinion. I do not believe God put Trump in charge. Satan has rule over the earth until God returns. That's in the Bible. So I believe Satan put Trump in charge and Trump is going to isolate us from our allies and then Russia and China will destroy our country and I also want to state that as long as there are conservatives there will be liberals. Everybody is not to be a clone of one conservative. We're all different and we will always be that way. 


This is Bobby Andrews. I was looking at Celia Rivenbark's column. I just wondered why all these people from the left always have all these bad things that Republicans have said but they don't remember to mention Democrats. I remember when President Obama and the Democrats were doing Obamacare. McCain asks Obama something about why the Republicans weren't included and Obama said, "because we won." Well, that goes along with what she's saying. And Al Gore, he wants everybody to live a primitive life and save the planet along with all the other left-wing actors and actresses at all but he flies around in a private jet. They all do and he's got a mansion that burns as much electricity as a whole subdivision but they never mentioned that. They always mention what the Republicans are doing or saying. I just think they ought to include them all if they're going to do that.


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