Dear editor, 

Again, another twisted and tortured letter misrepresenting the facts. [“Thoughts on Charlie Gard and government-run health care,” published in the July 19-21, 2017, Press Gazette]

The only reason lawyers were involved in this health care case is that England's health care board, after great deliberation, decided — unfortunately — that there was no reasonable chance of a successful treatment for the poor child.

Dr. Michio Hirano took a legal route to intercede in the hopes his treatment could offer a chance for Charlie Gard.

If one had taken a few minutes to investigate the truth rather than spout some right-wing talking points about the "evils" of lawyers and the woefully inadequate health system we have in the U.S., a bit of research would have [clarified the situation].

Again, a sad trend to be full of sound and fury, but really signifying nothing.


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