MILTON — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission filed these cases between July 7 and 13 in Santa Rosa County:

While on his way home from working the Blue Angels Air Show, Officer Hutchinson saw a truck moving erratically, almost causing an accident. He stopped the driver and immediately determined the man was showing signs of impairment. The man’s young son was also in the truck. After field sobriety tasks, Officer Hutchinson determined the man was under the influence of alcoholic beverages and placed him under arrest for DUI. The man later provided a breath sample of .12 g/210L. Authorities took the man’s son to a family member’s home.
Officer Mullins and Lieutenant Hahr were patrolling at the Blue Angel Air Show when they received a request to respond to assist Fire Rescue with a vessel seen operating in a reckless and erratic manner. As they approached the vessel, the officers saw that the sole occupant was covered in fresh blood and had a partially bandaged hand that was dripping blood. The man told the officers that he had gotten a rope burn on his hand. Due to the amount of blood, the officers requested assistance from emergency medical services. While waiting for them to arrive, they saw multiple indicators of impairment. After EMS bandaged the man’s hand properly, Officer Mullins conducted field sobriety tasks and determined that the man was intoxicated. The man was arrested for BUI and later refused to provide a breath sample. After receiving several stitches at the hospital, authorities booked the man into jail for operating a vessel while normal faculties are impaired.