“[The] article about the [State Division of Historical Resources] giving Milton a $10,000 grant got me to thinking, and perhaps this should be part of all such reports: from where did this grant money come?” –William J. “Bill” Roberts, Fort Walton Beach


Milton recently received a $10,000 Historic District Tour grant from the Florida Division of Historical Resources, with the stipulation that the city matches the amount and puts it toward historic plaques on all contributing businesses in the downtown district, creating a brochure and creating a website and smartphone application.

The Historic Preservation Grants Program distributes state funds assigned by the Legislature and federal funds allocated to the state by the National Park Service under the U.S. Department of the Interior for the preservation and protection of the state's historic and archaeological sites and properties, according to the FDHR's website.

The Division of Historical Resources under the Bureau of Historic Preservation administers the program, and the rules in Chapter 1A-39, Florida Administrative Code and Section 267.0617, Florida Statutes govern the program.

The program regularly awards two types of grants: Small Matching Grants and Special Category Grants. Milton applied for and received a Small Matching grant. The purpose of the grant is for community education projects aimed at increasing public understanding and awareness.

Grant review panels appointed by the Secretary of State evaluate Small Matching grant applications each fall on a competitive basis, according to the website. The applications are evaluated on historic significance, endangerment, appropriateness of the preservation treatment proposed, the administrative capability of the organization, adequacy of technical and financial resources, educational potential, economic benefits and public good resulting from the project.