PACE— Pace Rotary recently listened to a presentation from guest speaker DeDe Flounlacker, Manna Food Pantries' executive director.

Rotary Club of Pace collaborated with Manna and the Santa Rosa County School District for this year's Backpack 4 Teens program. In addition to grant funds, the club donated labor on a Saturday to prepare backpacks.

1,500 unaccompanied youths in Santa Rosa County were provided food for the weekends. Each backpack contains 30 items chosen using USDA standards for a healthy diet. Most have pull-tops for easy consumption. Students involved in this program can't focus and learn when they are hungry — or worried about where they will be sleeping. 

Pace Rotary meets 7 a.m. Thursdays at Stonebrook Golf Club, 3200 Cobblestone Drive, Pace.