Southern Yellow Pine Publishing has revealed the cover of “Unbroken Circles for Schools: Training Scenarios” by award-winning author Ken Johnson.

A native of Santa Rosa County, Johnson has specialized training in restorative justice from the University of West Florida College of Professional Studies and mediation certifications with both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Florida Supreme Court. Johnson was a panelist at the 5th National Restorative Justice Conference and he's a member of the Florida Restorative Justice Association.

For this new book, SYP Publishing decided to highlight his feather painting artwork by showcasing a custom RJ talking piece Johnson created last year for a book promotion contest.

Now with contest winner Mary Andrews, of Wakulla County, the original piece’s feather painting depicts an eagle soaring in a lightning storm. It is affixed to an electrocuted huckleberry limb that was crafted with the assistance of Pastor Brad Odom, a Lichtenberg Figures wood burning artist.

Sinew wrappings, metal cones, turquoise Czech beads and whitetail deer tassels round out the piece.

Autographed copies of the book can be ordered at