PACE — "The Mad Tea Party," a play written by Brian D. Taylor, will comprise a 14-member, all-kid cast ages 7 through 15. 

"Mad Hatter, Dormouse, and March Hare meet for a tea party to honor Time, who has forgiven the Hatter and set time right once again," the play's website states. "When the Jabberwock comes and wreaks havoc, the tea party guests — including the Caterpillar, the Duchess, the Frog Footman, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum — decide that something must be done."

The show dates are July 20-23 and July 27-30 at 4646 Woodbine Road, Pace. Tickets are $15 (adult) and $12 (children under 12), except for Thursday shows, which are $12 (adult) and $10 (children under 12). 

Dave Cook directs the play with assistance from Rebekkah Solinsky, and Kathy Beckham made the costumes. While most of the children are from the Pace and Milton areas, some have come from as far as Pensacola and Gulf Breeze. 

“It has been a unique experience for many as they have been included not only in the production but also with helping with parts of set creation,” Tiair Champlin, a parent of children in the play, said.

Visit for more information on the production.