MILTON — An Alabama man was arrested after authorities say he would not let his boyfriend leave his vehicle after an argument.

Authorities received a call at 9:28 a.m. Monday from a person who said he was being held against his will in a vehicle traveling west on Interstate 10 near Crestview, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The vehicle eventually entered Santa Rosa County, where it pulled over near the exit ramp at Ward Basin Road south of Milton.

The passenger got out of the vehicle and threw the car keys in the woods, the FHP reported.

FHP troopers found the car empty when they arrived, but soon found the victim and suspect walking together down the exit ramp.

The suspect was identified as Jeffrey Thrash, 33, of Lockhart, Alabama. The victim was his live-in boyfriend. The victim said he asked Thrash to let him out of the vehicle, but that Thrash refused and continued to drive.

Troopers obtained sworn statements from the passenger and Thrash, and arrested Thrash for false imprisonment.