MARY ESTHER – A 50-year-old man living in a trailer with his girlfriend was arrested June 25 after punching her in the mouth.

He was upset over her sleeping with another man, according to his Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

He left after punching her, but came back several hours later and began to slap her in the face, the report said.

The suspect’s mother, who lives on the property where the trailer is parked, said she heard them arguing and saw the woman’s bloody mouth.

The suspect told deputies that he was at a friend’s house when she was injured and that when he did come home, he did not notice her mouth was bleeding.

He said he only came back to get his dog, but did not enter the trailer.

The friend did not support the timing of the suspect’s alibi.

He was charged with felony battery, since it was his second offense.