Editor’s Note: This is a response to Chrys Holley’s letter to the editor, “God is using Trump,” published in the July 8-11, 2017, Santa Rosa Press Gazette. 

Dear editor, 

Looking back at [President Donald Trump’s] family history, dating to his grandfather running a house of ill repute, to his father denying equal housing for minorities, to Mr. Trump's fondness for repeated marriages, failed companies and stiffing the "little guy," one hopes it is not the God we want in our lives.

Here is a man who consorts with America's once sworn enemy; shows little compassion for Christ's teachings to care for the stranger and feed the poor and heal the sick; [and] who mocks the infirm and denigrates females and attacks a fundamental pillar of democracy — a free and independent press.

Even his selections to his cabinet [are] filled with those who have little ground with the posts they have been appointed to.

Yes, Mr. Trump was elected and is now president on those days he is not golfing — something he said he would never do if elected when he mocked [former President Barack] Obama’s rare outings on the course.

Well, we have a man who does not even pretend to be moral; seems whimsically inept to the point of having his family in positions of power to stroke his fragile ego; ignorant of even the most basic points of history, geography or science; and is proud of his anti-intellectual attitude.

Some Americans have a greater love of country than others and can see past the false ideology of cloaking the nation's leaders as appointed and anointed by their version of God.

Being blindly loyal to one's party should not blind one to the damage that may cause America. 



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