Dear editor, 

My name is David Gibson and I have a solution to Santa Rosa County's flood problems.

Our county commissioner and his engineer say they need 30 days to — ahem — study a flood control problem that the residents have been telling the county about for 20-odd years. They will do a feasibility study plus more studies until a year of endless meetings, till this is no longer an issue.

This is the middle of hurricane season — we don’t have 30 days. It is a time for action.

First, I would get every civil engineering student from [University of West Florida] and [Pensacola State College] and put them to work on an internship to come up with solutions to our flood problems.

Then I would get our state legislators and our U.S. congressman and senators to declare this a FEMA disaster area.

And get bids and ideas from our local contractors.

I could do this in three days — not 30.

No, I’m not running for office.

If I was elected, I would be kicked out in 30 days because I would return my constituents’ phone calls and would not be playing golf with corporate ding dongs. 



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