Dear editor, 

Concerning the congested traffic problem through the historic district and downtown Milton, from where the four-lane ends at Burger King and Stewart Street and heading east across Blackwater River, I’d like to make a new suggestion. 

One viable old suggestion, which both Steven King and myself have in years past written about, is converting this two-lane roadway into a one-way road heading east. This would not be disturbing the Fisher Hamilton building or any other historic buildings, saving millions.

We also suggested building one new bridge across Blackwater and not changing the existing bridge in any way. This new bridge would be just to the north of the old existing bridge and end, heading west, at the intersection of Willing Street and Berryhill. This new bridge would handle one-way traffic, heading west to the Stewart Street intersection.

While the above is still a viable option, I think another option to consider would be to still build the new bridge to Willing Sreet and Berryhill; however, instead of proceeding west on Berryhill, turn slightly left across the back parking lot of the First United Methodist Church. From there, it intersects with Yew street and this intersects with Margaret Street. Margaret Street is just two blocks north of Highway 90 and intersects with Stewart Street to the west. From there, turn left to Highway 90 and to where the existing four-lane ends at Burger King.

This smaller loop is less than a half-mile and it would expand out the historic district and not plow through the middle of town. 

Just something to think about?