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I’m calling about the courthouse. I don’t know what’s the matter with our county commissioners. The county commissioners in Okaloosa County tore down the courthouse right where it’s at and are building another one right on the same spot. The county commissioners should talk with the county commissioners in Okaloosa County and find out how it’s done. Thank you. My name is Joan Broxson.



This is Bob Bailey in response to Ron Hart’s letter to the editor. I would like to say why doesn’t he mention all the lies Trump has made and also mention his net worth compared to Miley Cyrus, Barbara Streisand, and so forth. I’m pretty sure it’s merely a fraction of their amount.



This is Bobby Andrews. I just wondered if anybody else besides me has noticed that a lot of infomercials on TV are all getting a class action suit against every medicine that comes out for talcum powder and everything else. They get millions of dollars from the people that they sue from the companies that invented the stuff. I’m wondering what the government inspects it for. They in the Food and Drug Administration inspect all of these drugs that say they’re okay to release. Yet, when you sue, you sue the people that invented it, not the people that said it was okay. The government should have some part in that. Either that or what’s the point in going through them? The lawyers get the rest of the money. I just got two checks from AT&T: one for 77 cents and one for 30 cents from some class action suit that they had against AT&T. I don’t even know what it was, but all the people probably got small amounts like that and the lawyers got millions. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. They could have donated my 77 and 30 cents to some charity and then I wouldn’t have had to go to the bank to deposit it. 



My name is David Farrow and I’m calling about the ATM on Highway 90 in Pace for Wells Fargo. The unit has been down since around the first of May and I just got a report that they plan on having it repaired at the end of June. This is not a good way to do business for a bank as big as they are. There’s a part that’s not available for it. They have to manufacture the part.



This is Mary King. It’s amazing to me how people, just a minority group, are trying to get rid of American history. They have taken some of the stuff out of the school history program. The early American history is being done away with so why are they allowed to take these statues down or any of the signs and the flag? That is American history. It has nothing to do with racism and I’m wondering when it’s going to stop.



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