Dear editor,

Several members of the hilariously misnamed Milton Historic Preservation Board were recently shocked,  SHOCKED, to discover Milton as the only Panhandle community designated endangered by the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

Members Theresa Messick and Gale Thames expressed righteous indignation. They wanted to know how Milton got on the list.

Surely it couldn't be that members of the board, including Messick and Thames, support driving a knife through the historic heart of Milton in the form of a four-lane highway? 

Surely it couldn't be that the four-lane would require demolishing historic buildings?

Milton City Planner Randy Jorgenson also expressed dismay. Jorgenson too supports turning historic Milton into a lifeless pass-through on the way to, say, Pace, where Jorgenson is president of the Pace Chamber of Commerce.

Could it be that the Florida Trust believes letting foxes guard the historic preservation hen house is not a good idea? 



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