Dear editor,

God bless the one wounded and three dead U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

This Afghani was vetted for being a terrorist by our military before ever being trained by the same military and given a loaded gun.

If the military can't vet someone for being a terrorist, what makes you think our government can when any Sharia Law-believing Muslim wants citizenship here?

Nothing is perfect or a guarantee, but like those soldiers who turned their backs trusting this unknown Sharia Law-killer, we are doing the same with every individual let in our country from these Sharia Law, Muslim countries.

With just 10 Sharia Law-believing terrorists among each thousand (just 1 percent) Muslims admitted to our country, we face the possibility of 10 terrorist attacks and maybe our death, a family member's death, or our neighbor's death.

The odds of someone dying are better than if you buried 10 12-inch landmines within a 32-foot-by-32-foot area and waited for someone to walk across it. At some point, someone will die.

There was a time in our history when we protected not only our own of this nation but (also) others around the world. These days, as we knew them, are long gone.

The right of anyone to come here now outweighs the safety of the people already here. California’s 9th Circuit Court has its own rulings overturned almost 80 percent of the time. You have better odds of a constitutional ruling with a coin flip.

Just remember when at the voting booth which political party brought these people to live among us. The political party that cherishes these Muslims' future votes and right to come here over your right to be protected within your own country!

Call what I believe what you want, with all the wordy terms available to you, but that doesn't save anyone's life!

This religious war has been going on for the last 1,500 years, and now we have invited it here with a target-rich environment of our own people, the infidel!




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