PACE — A Pace man was arrested for stabbing his father and pet dog just four days after he was released from jail.

According to an arrest report, Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a domestic disturbance around 3 p.m. Sunday on Forest Creek Road in Pace. Upon arrival, 41-year-old David Marlan Heck, Jr. was seen running from a residence and jumped into a pool. When Heck Jr. realized he was seen, he tried to run from deputies. They Tased him with no effect. A second deputy Tased David Jr. again and a physical struggle ensued. As he was being taken into custody, David Jr. broke one of the deputy's sunglasses, valued at $200.

Heck's father, David Heck Sr., told deputies that his son had come inside their home and asked to have the keys to the van located in the driveway. The father told his son he would not give him the keys since he did not have a driver's license. Heck Jr. became irate and pulled a kitchen knife and stabbed the family dog twice in the back. He then started screaming "I will kill you" advancing toward his father and mother with a knife, the report said.

The father was stabbed twice in the arm. He used a pole to push David Jr. off him. The parents barricaded themselves in the bedroom until law enforcement arrived. Both Heck Sr. and the dog are OK, according to a press release from SRSO.

During the investigation, deputies noticed the van outside had a smashed window and the leather seat was also slashed. Damage was estimated at $500.

Heck Jr. was arrested and taken to Santa Rosa County Jail where he was held without bond. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, aggravated battery, burglary, resisting an officer and cruelty to an animal.