Dear editor,

With both political sides calling for James Comey's resignation at one time or another, with his firing, the political pot of politics boils over.

Each party has created this mess to an extent, but Comey was appointed only by (the) party of Barack Obama.

Now, let’s back up to the first event being Hillary's State Department emails. All State Department emails regarding State Department business are State Department property as designated by law.

Hillary's failure to turn over all State Department business emails under the Obama administration upon her separation was failure No. 2 and, again, against the law.

Hillary's own legal team, with her own assistants, intentionally cleaned numerous electronic devices with a computer program known as Bleachbit and available online to anyone. These actions were taken while under a congressional subpoena to preserve all evidence in the Hillary Clinton email, pay for play, Clinton Foundation case being failure No. 3 and against the law.

Clinton Foundation donations are down 37 percent since 2014; from $172 million to $108 in 2015. Their speech fees fell from $3.6 million in 2014 to $357,500 in 2015. The Clintons have filed papers for separation of employees and shutting down the Clinton Global Initiative, part of their foundation.

Why? No Clinton presidency, no global initiative!

During this Clinton scandal, Republicans continually ask for a special prosecutor to prosecute with evidence the FBI had already gathered. Obama never appointed one and the Justice Department’s Loretta Lynch passed her duties off to James Comey, who was the FBI director with the power to investigate only and not a prosecutor in our Justice Department.

So the Clinton scandal has not had a prosecutor, of any type, make a decision on the evidence already available at the FBI against Hillary. But Democrats want a special prosecutor to prosecute President Trump with evidence that still does not exist as of (this writing).

Obama communicated for four years over Hillary's private email server with sensitive information.

At what point did he realize this but remained silent, and was he protecting himself by protecting Hillary?