MILTON — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission filed these cases between April 7 and April 13 in Santa Rosa County:


Officer Ramos received information that several men were fishing in Escambia Bay and keeping red snapper.

After making his way to the area, the officer saw men actively fishing. When he asked the men if they had caught any fish, they replied that they had not.

License and resource inspections revealed that one of the men had caught and kept two red snapper. The fish measured 11 and 10 inches, respectively.

One of the men admitted he caught both fish.

Ramos seized the fish; the man was charged accordingly.



Officers Mullins and Hutchinson were patrolling the Yellow River Wildlife Management Area, where they saw a truck damaging the road by spinning out.

They stopped the truck and approached the man driving it. Soon, three more trucks pulled up to them; each was covered in fresh mud.

The officers discovered that they were all together. During interviews, the men driving the trucks admitted to riding along closed roads and mud riding in a closed clay pit.

While the officers were driving back to the pit to assess damage to state lands, they saw more damage to the roadways that the trucks caused.

The officers issued each man a notice-to-appear citation for damage to public lands by a motor vehicle. The men also received warnings for driving on closed roads.