The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office provided these felony arrest reports for April 18-20.

Defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Kristopher Otis Amerson, 27, Roberstdale, Ala., conditional release violation

Rikki Lea Blocker Andries, 36, Gulf Breeze, drug possession, cocaine possession

Christopher Shane Caputo, 44, La Vergne Tenn., drug possession

Jennifer Kay Caudell, 51, Jay, drug possession

Haley Leean Daigle, 24, Holt, drug possession

Caleb Jess Drennon, 21, homeless, aggravated battery

Cameron Dain Gillian, 25, Gulf Breeze, drug possession, heroin possession, conditional release violation

Lewis Bryan Henderson, 44, Milton, drug possession

Aaron Gregory Jefferys, 44, Fort Walton Beach, failure to appear

Glen Malcolm Mosley, 47, Milton, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

Melissa Blair Pocopanni, 19, Milton, public order crimes, homicide

Oscar Lee Powers, 35, Perdido, Ala., drug possession

Scott Michael Smith, 37, Milton, failure to appear, possession of weapon

Brooke Nicole Stevens, 19, Milton, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

Christopher Michael Vargas, 29, Middletown, N.Y., probation violation

Andrew Michael Velazquez, 25, Navarre, burglary

Dennis Paul Wells, 46, Navarre, battery

Keeley Krall Wright, 47, Gulf Breeze, drug possession