Dear editor,

Regarding creationism and evolution, I believe religion and science walk hand in hand with each other throughout man's history on Earth.

Some people are so busy trying to prove that the other is a fraud that these topics of religion and science are constantly pitted against each other. Many people do so, not in search of the truth, but to use them for political points.

Some 60 years ago, science determined how oil was formed from dead animal and plant matter. Two of the largest deposits of oil are and were located in the Middle Eastern countries and Texas. So millions of years ago, both these areas had to be covered with rainforest-type vegetation that supported a large animal population that later created these two large oil reservoirs. So only about 60 years ago did science offer this perspective to humanity.

The Bible, as we know it, was written some (4,000) to 6,000 years ago. So, some (4,000) to 6,000 years ago the Bible offered this same perspective that science has just recently discovered. The Bible does so when it describes this rainforest-type vegetation with its existing animal life in these Middle Eastern countries as the "Garden of Eden.”

Now, understanding how evolution works and as a species evolves you must always have a first-time change for any evolving species. So, using Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Adam and Eve conceivably could have been the first modern-day man and woman of the human species as we know it today and as the Bible describes them. So science only recently confirmed some aspects of what the Bible had already told us.

If science has all the correct answers — it once deemed Earth as flat and the sun rotated around it; like society, it has gotten worse today regarding its own morality — then what happened to these same rainforest-type areas of Texas and the Middle East that caused their environmental change to areas of deserts when man did not influence this with his factories, electricity-generating combustion power plants and cars?

Obviously, a change of climate created these desert environments so it was climate change. Are Earth and the universe no longer evolving, and climate change can only now be created by humans?

Yes, science and religion can both be wonderful things — when you remove man's predetermined mindset of always needing to be right, for whatever reason, while the truth still eludes them.




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