Dear editor,

American military delivered almost 3,000 bombs on ISIS targets in Syria during the Obama administration. Almost 100 Republican Congressmen expressed Constitutional outrage when President Obama sought to bomb the gassing Assad, who was fighting ISIS.   

As he expressed in dozens of tweets, Mr. Trump was similarly outraged. President Trump delivers a few bombs near the gassing Assad’s airfield, after warning the Russians about what he was doing, and these same Republican Congressmen express newfound glorious Constitutional support — how presidential!

This same Republican leadership strongly supports the American taxpayer paying over $3,000,000 every weekend for President Trump to play golf. I suggest a celebration at the Pensacola (Bay) Center to allow Republican leadership to celebrate their newfound about-face on the U.S. Constitution.

To show support, a donation of $500 per person would be required. If sold out, the donation would go to take weight off the American taxpayer’s back for one weekend of presidential golf. 

As I will not be seeing you there, thank you in advance for your support of the American taxpayer.   



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