Dear editor,

Easter reminds us of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which brought victory over death for eventual believers and the hope for eternal life.

North Korea reminds us that millions of human deaths can occur (soon) and the end of all earthly life as we know it can begin almost immediately.

Easter makes us think that there is a long time until eternal life might become the only option. North Korea makes us realize that it might only be a short time before the end of earthly life might become the actual option.

Christian “End Times” always just seem to be out there in the future somewhere.

There is some presumed safety in just thinking that the way we are living will surely continue. Just like Eve, of course, in the Garden of Eden. The serpent told her that she wouldn’t surely die if she ate from the tree of life. She may have thought this was fake news because she only died spiritually not physically.

None of us are ready for the head-on clash of America with North Korea or its consequences. 

So, if this head-on clash does put us on the brink of eternity, then it is good to remember that Jesus is the only door to the Father.

Thanks to Easter for the timely reminder.




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