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Chrys. Your religious fundamentalist beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with science, the scientific method, logic or higher education.

Perhaps it’s time to buy a science book and find a pastor who isn't a scientific illiterate...

The U.S. courts, university science departments at accredited universities, peer-reviewed science journals and most mainstream Christian national church councils support established sciences like evolution and decry the "scientific" creationism you make believe has any scientific validity.

The Catholic Church supports evolution. The Vatican describes creation "science" of the type you posted in your [recent] letter as "neither science [nor] religion.”

William Fraser    



Other planets and moons, gas clouds, comets and asteroids, a spherical earth, time, and sound are all illusions since none of these was created in the Genesis creation account.

Christianity, embraced by billions of biblically illiterate and irrational believers, is the greatest and most elaborate fraud in human history, with Islam a close second.

Larry Knight

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