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All of our first responders need a raise. Too bad the state and counties decide palm trees and landscaping are more important.

Jeremy Buchanan



If they want to enforce more taxes, I would like to see a third-party assessment of all spending inside the county government. I want to know that they aren't even buying an unnecessary box of paper clips.

Justin Jauss



Increasing the sales tax hurts the poor residents disproportionally in Santa Rosa County.

Ed Holmes



Donald Trump has conned the people of this country and this is just the beginning.

What a negotiator he is! He failed with health care. He filled his cabinet with rich people who could care less about you. He rolled back restrictions on guns for mentally ill people and our water and air (are) going to choke us to death. Now we find out he is being investigated by the FBI for collusion with the Russians!

Wake up, people! We're in deep, deep trouble!

You should have known the rich were going to protect themselves!

Kathy Hanna      



I'm new to the area. The Lowe Mill in Huntsville, (Ala.), has a similar mural on a building there. Being a California native, one learns while traveling to learn to embrace art with gladness and joy, respect, an open mind, and also being blessed with sight to see.

I can't paint, but I'm blessed to enjoy someone else's thoughts spoken through painting.

Thanks for keeping the artists' mural as is for everyone traveling on (Highway) 90 in Milton, Fla., to see!

Gloria Hampton



You think a sperm trying to enter an egg is "suggestive?" Biology class sure must have been much more entertaining for you than it was for me!

Denise Wong       



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