Dear editor,


The Republican leadership, appealing to the base of their voters, has again rewarded them. They have allowed those voters’ privacy to be sold to the highest bidder — or any bidder. 

Having lived in Northwest Florida for over 60 years, I was surprised by how warmly my “what’s best for your neighbor” friends celebrated this. I suppose selling your internet browsing history to your employer, ex-spouse, favorite government agency or favorite Russian friend could be why this Republican leadership is so warmly regarded locally. 

So, I suggest a thank-you celebration at the Civic Center. This would allow those supporting voters to invite and publicly thank any Republican leader who supported the privacy invasion including President Trump. 

At the same time, they could have an auction of the internet privacy of that voter publicly thanking their favorite leader. They could also auction the privacy of their spouse or parents. That money would be donated to the Republican leader of their choice. 

Or they could donate to the IRS to help offset wealthy tax dodgers, also favored by that Republican leadership. I wonder if President Trump would bid.

Looking forward to seeing you there, Dan.





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