Dear editor,

Comparing men and women is no different than comparing the abilities of men and women — or apples and oranges. You can't believe one is equal to another in all aspects of life. Generally, men are physically stronger than women are; that is fact and not a made choice of either gender.

Mentally, both have advantages and disadvantages in comparison, and a disadvantage always has the ability to become an advantage in life, as does an advantage becoming a disadvantage.

There are exceptions to all rules, like in most cases, because nothing is ever clear-cut in the reality of life. So, the individual determines how these advantages and disadvantages are used — which may increase or decrease either situation in regard to superiority or inferiority.

But there are a few people out there who believe they have this intellectual advantage to generally determine the abilities of all individuals by gender. A required 2013 IRS tax document that lists the Clinton Foundation's senior executives revealed the apparent male-dominated 37 percent salary disparity, according to analysis by the Weekly Standard.

When sorted by total compensation, the first eight names on the list are men, followed by three women. A further analysis of the four most recent 990 filings shows that a ‘gender gap’ among highly compensated employees at the Clinton Foundation has been relatively consistent over time, with the gap actually widening for the years considered in this analysis.

As previously reported, Hillary Clinton apparently paid female staffers in her U.S. Senate office around 28 percent less than their male counterparts. Bill Clinton gets more per speech than Hillary? Where is the outrage! Pay discrimination on the basis of gender has been illegal under federal law since 1963.

Now, I will defend against what I just wrote. I do not know what the abilities of all these individuals were, or their life experiences in regards to their chosen profession.

Hillary made those decisions and, as a woman, has those rights in doing so. In her mind, she picked and paid them for what she thought they would bring to the table — her table. No one else's. Hillary's own war on women is a false narrative but invented by the political left for the purpose of political brownie points.

Kellyanne Conway was the first female campaign manager to put a president in office but the left won't brag on her accomplishments!

The Bible stresses that only when a man and a woman truly unite as one do they achieve the abilities of both!

… Individualism is the true determiner in what people desire or deserve in life!