MILTON — Allen Pegg asked the Press Gazette how Santa Rosa County is using the gasoline tax that went into effect in January of 2016. Santa Rosa County Public Information Officer Brandi Whitehurst provided answers from the budget and the public works department.


“Can you determine how much money has been raised, and what has this money been used for to date?” Pegg asked, regarding the 6 cent gasoline tax implemented Jan. 1, 2016.


For the fiscal year 2016, the county raised $2,619,673. For the fiscal year 2017 to date, the county raised $1,418,541. In total, that is $4,038,214.

The county has spent $915,465.87 on 39 resurfacing and paving projects since March 6, 2016, according to Whitehurst.

These projects include 15 in District 1, nine in District 2, 12 in District 3, one in District 4 and one in District 5, the most recent being the Jan. 16 resurfacing of Jesse Whitfield Road in Milton.

When the county pitched the gas tax to the public in 2015, commissioners presented an estimated $24.84 million in projects: $9,821,953 in resurfacing, $8,820,000 in turn lanes, and $6,200,000 in creating third lanes. This list excludes minor projects.


The county has been spending its gas tax collections for the road resurfacing and paving projects to which the tax is limited. Assuming the county continues in this way, more Santa Rosa County roads will be paved or resurfaced.