Dear editor,

Are you enjoying the Trump blame game? This is accomplished by him taking no adult responsibility for solving any real current problems. It is always somebody else’s fault. 

So, rather that picking it up where he inherited it and fixing it like an adult might, he prefers to tweet or assign blame to others for all the problems and encourage as many others to join him in the ranting and raving. 

His ‘poor me’ persona, which he wants to be a ‘poor us’ persona, helps keep you outraged at others and keeps your eyes from watching what he actually does to solve anything.

I think we Americans are now supposed to feel disgusted and angry for all the elected Democrats and any elected Republicans who do not agree with anything that the Donald wants to push through Congress. The more he rants and raves, the more we are supposed to be riled up.

Oh, sure, the first revised health care plan punished the poor and elderly constituents of the elected reps. But what’s more important, repealing and replacing a partially working health care plan or actually fixing it and improving it?

To Trump, it was purely an attempt to gain some credibility.

I applaud the Republicans who actually defended their constituents and kept many from becoming uninsured.

That was only round one.

Trump has blamed them, especially the Freedom Caucus, for basically embarrassing him. They will be repudiated, punished, embarrassed, harassed and otherwise emotionally pummeled until they realize that Trump’s way is the only way.

I soon expect a referendum suggesting that the White House be renamed the Trump House as he brings in his inexperienced political family and friends to take up the responsibility for solving current world problems. He would blame previous politicians for the current world situation.

Syria’s not his problem thanks to Obama.

North Korea is not his problem thanks to the world powers not de-nuclearizing them over the last 20 years. 

Our last resort is possibly war to fix all these other inept world leaders.

Did Trump want to make America great, or was that misinterpreted by the press? Maybe he wanted America to be grate?

Blaming ain’t working — maturity might.