Dear editor,

(The Bureau of) Labor Statistics for 2016 shows the median wage for women to be about 17 percent less than men.

The gap increases as women become more educated. 

In 2010, the (U.S. Government Accountability Office) determined that your money was being paid to dozens of federal contractors who were wage thieves. Some contractors failed to follow the basic wage and hour requirements small businesses must follow every day. 

In response, President Obama executed the Fair Pay and Safe Workplace Order in 2014. It simply required those contractors to follow the wage and hour law to receive millions of your dollars in contracts.  

For women, the order included transparency in pay. It required federal contractors to submit salary details including overtime and deductions so workers could determine fair pay.  

Recently, President Trump, with support from Republican leadership, revoked that order.  

Women will now bail out these federal contractors with their taxes even if these contractors pay them less.

Of course, the federal contractors will have more money to support their political benefactors.  

If your principles for America include “what is best for your neighbor is best” — where is your outrage?