MILTON — A restaurant was closed March 31 after inspectors from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation found a number of violations during a routine inspection.

Ollies Neighborhood Grill on U.S. Highway 90 reopened the next day, according to DBPR reports.

Among the violations was the presence of one live cockroach between the prep area and four on the wall behind the reach-in cooler.

All of the roaches were killed and removed immediately, according to the report.

Other high priority violations included improper storage of raw food and utensils and other cookware items not being properly sanitized, the report said. That was corrected while the inspector was still on-site, the report said.

A black mold-like substance was found in the interior of the ice machine and the ice bin.

Dead roaches were also found on the floor under tables and near the dish machine. Another dead roach was found on the wall across from the fryers. They were removed immediately, the report said.

When the inspector returned the next day, all of the high priority violations had been corrected, as well as most of the other violations.

There were still a few cleanliness issues, the inspector noted.