Dear editor,

Dan Stewart's bailout series of opinion letters are all nonsense. His latest opinionated garbage depicts doing away with Obamacare as leaving the poor with no health care options — which is so untruthful it is laughable.

… For all the low or no-income people in Santa Rosa or Escambia counties, I offer this for your knowledge to get affordable health care:

The Santa Rosa Community Clinic, at 5520 Stewart St., offers health care for low or no-income people and this location has been doing so since 1992. They have (low costs), depending on your income.

I believe they offer prescription assistance also, but Walmart offers $4 generic prescriptions and Publix grocery stores offer free antibiotics to all people regardless of income.

The original version of this health care system began in Escambia County and is located at 14 W. Jordan Street in Pensacola. An emergency room, X-rays and specialist doctors are available with the same copay system at this location.

Both these locations are federally funded and, when signed up with one facility, you are signed up with both.

Both these facilities’ own patient numbers (likely) have risen dramatically under Obamacare and the Obama administration.

Don't believe me? Just call and ask them!

This is known as a situational "oxymoron"!

Dan … might have offered this same information in his letter to inform the poor within our community of this option. But it doesn't fit his political narrative, which is government should control every aspect of everyday life for all of us.

Government controls the V.A. health care system and it might have the largest death rate among the many health care systems.

I just wonder how many times Dan has driven by this Milton location for low-income health care and never noticed it.

Or maybe he did not care to mention it?

Or, actually, it didn't fit his false narrative when writing such a truthful opinion letter!