MILTON — As the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners seeks solutions for the county's transportation needs, a local church emerges with one option.
Brian Nall, pastor of Ferris Hill Baptist Church, has been building a faith-based, volunteer transportation service called the Community Faith Fleet. The service focuses on providing medical transportation for those who can't walk.
Bridges out of Poverty, a Santa Rosa County nonprofit organization, identified lack of transportation as one of the biggest barriers for local residents who want to improve their lives.
Those who would benefit from public transportation include those needing a ride to work, students who may have a scholarship to a local school but lack a ride there, and senior citizens who need transportation to non-emergency, medical appointments, it found.
Since 2015, the nonprofit, the county and the Milton City Council have discussed various proposals. Now, the Community Faith Fleet is recruiting volunteers. Its website,, contains information and sign-up forms for prospective volunteers.
The Community Faith Fleet's 50-10 challenge is to recruit 50 volunteers representing 10 churches to join the fleet within 2017.