MILTON — Bobby and Janis Simmons withdrew their request to rezone property they own on Chumuckla Highway for a borrow pit, which construction companies use for digging dirt for use on a main construction site.

Lisa Taylor was concerned a borrow pit going on to her neighboring property on Chumuckla Highway posed a threat to nearby property values and presented health risks. She sent 160 flyers to neighbors letting them know about the project and her concerns.

However, Bobby Simmons said he wanted to build a fish pond, but to do so, he had to have the property rezoned from AG-RR (Agriculture/Rural Residential) to PIT (Borrow Pit and Debris Disposal Facility).

The Santa Rosa County Zoning Board was going to take up the issue during its Feb. 9 meeting, but the Simmons’ withdrew their request.

Sites shall be located no closer than 1,000 feet to the nearest residential structure unless the owner of said structure indicates in writing that he has no objections according to one of the zoning requirements.

The Simmons’ could not acquire the letters of no objection from the 10 residents within the 1,000-foot radius according to Cato.

Editor's note: The story has been changed to reflect the withdrawal of the request prior to the zoning board meeting.