MILTON — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission filed these cases recently in Santa Rosa County:

Officer Hutchinson received information about someone who harvested three antlerless deer in one day during the antlerless deer season; that’s two over the limit. During an interview, the suspect said that he, his father and his son each shot one deer. After interviewing other people and a witness, Hutchinson confirmed that the man shot and killed all three deer himself. The man then admitted to taking all three deer. Hutchinson obtained a warrant charging the man with taking over the bag limit of antlerless deer.
Officer Hutchinson was patrolling an area after dark when he received several complaints of illegal hunting. While working the area, he observed a vehicle driving through the middle of a large field while both the driver and passenger shined lights on the area. When Hutchinson stopped the vehicle, the officer discovered a loaded hunting rifle. The man and woman admitted to looking for deer. The driver did not a have a valid driver’s license. Both were charged with night hunting and the driver was charged with driving with a suspended license.
Officer Hutchinson saw a vehicle slowly traveling along the road with a spotlight being shined from the vehicle into the field in front of his house. Hutchinson stopped the vehicle and two juveniles informed him that they were looking for a big buck. A loaded shotgun was lying in between the two front seats. Hutchinson made contact with their parents and, after the parents’ arrival, the juveniles were charged with night hunting and released into their parents’ custody.
In other business, Officer Mullins attended Bagdad Elementary School to talk with students studying conservation and resource management. Mullins explained the FWC’s role in conservation and protection of natural resources. After an explanation of laws, regulations and why they are important, Mullins answered the students’ questions.