MILTON — Crossfit SRC has donated $12,500 to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office to add another K-9 unit. 

Tyler Bennett, who co-owns the Milton business with Ed Siwicki, said he regularly donates to community causes.

“Anytime we can invest in them, we’re all for it,” Bennett said.

K-9 Sgt. Roman Jackson said the addition makes seven total K-9 units, with one of those specializing in narcotics.

“You can never have too many dogs,” Sheriff Bob Johnson said.

“We did not have a dog in the budget this year, so this comes as a bonus for us,” Johnson said.

The dog, Ziggy, will arrive Friday.

“Hopefully, after all of the training, he should be on the road a few months after that. He’ll be a full-fledged member of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, the dogs the SRSO employs do drug detection, bite work and tracking.

“They fulfill a great purpose,” he said.

“These two guys are helping the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, but they may have helped find 50 pounds of heroin or a runaway kid,” SRSO Public Information Officer Rich Aloy said.