MILTON — The state attorney’s office has dismissed a murder case against Shawn Rogers due to changes in Florida law.

Rogers had been charged in Santa Rosa County with kidnapping and first-degree murder in connection with prison inmate Ricky D. Martin’s death.

When this offense was alleged to have been committed, Rogers was serving a life sentence in the Florida Department of Corrections for armed robbery. That sentence remains in effect and Rogers will remain incarcerated in the Department of Corrections.

The state sought a death sentence in the Martin case. Because of the Florida Supreme Court’s recent rulings, concerns have been raised regarding procedures used in death penalty cases. This case has been dismissed because of those concerns.

Once the Florida Legislature passes legislation establishing new procedures for death penalty cases, the state attorney intends to re-indict Rogers and again seek a death sentence.

“The use of a Nolle Pros has been used by this office in other cases, including homicide cases, when questions, law or fact arise,” a media release from the state attorney’s office states. “The state has been successful in later prosecuting those cases.”

Rogers will be returned to the Department of Corrections, where he will remain incarcerated. He will not be released at any time.