See the full video of City of Milton Mayor Wesley Meiss and Councilwoman Mary Ellen Johnson's exchange here. MILTON — Mayor Wesley Meiss apologized to Councilwoman Mary Ellen Johnson during an emotional executive committee meeting Tuesday night at city hall.

The apology was for, he said, “any stress” he may have caused and later “for any pain” it caused Johnson during the recently elected council’s swearing-in ceremony.

Last month, Councilman Alan Lowery challenged Johnson's legitimacy based on documents he received before the meeting. By the end of the meeting, Johnson took her seat as a reelected councilwoman.

In addition to apologizing, Meiss said Johnson’s residency is a “dead issue.” He said, “If your residency comes up in the future, where you live, where you don’t live. If somebody wants to bring that forward, that’s their business. I want no part of it, okay?”

Meiss denied allegations of racism, referencing trips he’s made to Birmingham, Ala. visiting notable places in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and being a civil rights historian.

Johnson said she accepted the mayor’s apology.

“I accept your apology and if at any time I have hurt anybody on this council, which I don’t think I have, please let me know because I love people…

“And Wesley, I don’t think that you’re racist. That was never what I thought… I accept your apology Mr. Mayor. I sincerely accept it and it was not done because there were calls for you to apologize.

“It was done from the heart.”