Dear editor,

Most of us think of our USA as a country founded on Christian principles and values. A few of these might presume that the goal for all citizens would be to:

1. Live by the 10 commandments (or love God and love your neighbor)

2. Have equal rights

3. Have equal opportunity

4. Be honest, have integrity and have character

5. Protect one another from the unjust and the tyrannical

6. Have mercy on one another

7. Live by the golden rule

8. Seek freedom for all

9. Raise families in harmony and with motivation to succeed

10. Promote the general welfare

Back then, they looked for leaders to exude these principles and values. That was the original America of 1776.

In the America of 2016, we now see a lot of this:

1. Keep the 10 Commandments out of sight

2. Pretend to have equal rights

3. Pretend to have equal opportunity

4. Be dishonest, have little integrity and barely have character

5. Let the 1 percent defend us and let the 99 percent be indifferent

6. Climb over one another; gossip and destroy each other

7. Do unto others whatever you can

8. Buy all the freedom you can for yourself

9. Function as a family, however you think it should be for you

10. Promote welfare

Today, you can see who the people want to lead them. Any surprises here?