Dear editor,

What does "Make America Great Again" mean to you? Let's see, in 1953 I'd say America was great! Now, here's what I mean by great:

1. The German, Japanese and Korean threats to America had ended.

2. Dwight Eisenhower was president, a proven military leader who was

admired, trusted and exuded moral principles.

3. Neighbors appreciated each other and even borrowed salt and flour from

each other.

4. It was safe to leave doors unlocked and let kids play with each other.

5. Parents and teachers worked in unison to discipline schoolchildren according to accepted moral standards of right and wrong.

6. Employers were more loyal to workers and workers could think of keeping their jobs until retirement.

7. Parents, relatives and kids all lived in the same proximity.

8. Most people attended a church and Christian principles were valued.

9. Families usually ate meals together and sometimes even prayed over the food.

10. The family was an important concept, which supported a strong community.

I could go on and on about how people seemingly 'pulled together' in 1953.

Now, in 2016 can we go back to this great America? Here's what it might take to get there:

1. Reverse technology to eliminate a worldwide competition for jobs.

2. Bring back 40-year careers and stop rotating modular employments.

3. Show parents, if any are at home, how to raise their children with values.

4. Eliminate the use of cell phones and video games as daylong entertainment.

5. Stop instant gratification, road rage and using murder to solve arguments

6. Stop family members from living in different states.

7. Make right and wrong have meaning again.

8. Define an American in this time of racial and religious separation

9. Re-define democracy as the majority rules (until the next election).

10. If we're one nation under God, we need to discover which God it is.

Conclusion: You may recognize that these changes are not addressed by the 2016 political agenda! So, we won't be great again this year.

The bigger picture includes understanding that the Book of Revelation shows how moral decay will continue to increase (even in America).

There actually is a devil and end times, and we are on cruise control as God has warned you. So, be aware and get ready!