PACE — Seven's Market Deli in Pace was closed last Thursday after inspectors found 36 rodent droppings in the kitchen and 43 rodent droppings in the dining area.

The droppings were hard, indicating that they were not fresh, according to the emergency closure notice filed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The inspector also found "rodent rub marks" along walls and ceilings at Steven's Market Deli on U.S. Highway 90.

The indications of rodent activity were deemed high priority violations. It was the second time inspectors had found evidence of rodent activity, according to the report.

Other violations included improper storage and labeling of food items and soil residue on some surfaces in the kitchen.

The inside of the microwave was soiled with "encrusted food debris," the report said.

Inspectors closed the restaurant on Aug. 24 and returned the next day to see if the violations had been corrected. On the second day, they found some of the flagged areas had been cleaned but others hadn't.

On the second day, they counted 24 hard droppings in the kitchen and behind shelving and "approximately 10" throughout the dining area.

The restaurant remained closed until Saturday, when inspectors returned to find all but one of the violations had been resolved.