Storm Sandy…But for the grace of God

The recent stormy Sandy has been classified with many terms – superstorm, Frankenstorm, unique, historic, epic, amazing, ‘Perfect Storm’ – and on and on.

And remember that just two weeks before it turned left and Northwest, Sandy was predicted to be harmless and projected to turn right and Northeast.

Two things crossed my Christian mind as the path of the storm changed.

One, when is ‘the truth’ actually ‘the truth’?

Second, are we prepared for the ‘Thief in the night’?

The Northeast has never had to deal with this Katrina-like devastation before. So, they are going to be in-shock for a long time. Also, the Northeast is not in the Bible belt, so tempers will be different than that of the Bible belt. The obvious loss of property, belongings, and money will not be seen with as much irrelevance as they are for Bible belt inhabitants.

What happened with super storm Sandy is useable as a good analogy for Christian End Time believers!

The need to get the word out, whether people believe you or not, then to indicate the signs of its probable arrival whether people believe you or not, and the admonishment to be prepared for the thief in the night, whether people believe you or not. Finally, when it really happens, it’s obviously too late to prepare anymore.

It is too late to prepare for Sandy, but it’s not too late to prepare for the Lord!

Good news! We can help the people affected by Sandy because the world is still here. So, pray for those in pain and support any organization that can help those affected by the storm to be restored.

Jim Moore

Pace, Fla.


A Patriot’s thoughts


This patriot just returned from standing in line to vote. The whole ordeal took only an hour, not bad.

I had the best time seeing so many I don’t usually see. We had the best time fellowshipping. My greeting to them and to those who came up behind me, “God bless you. Haven’t seen you in ages. Thought you died and went to Heaven without checking out with me.”

Standing in line was old hat for me. Stood in line one and a half hours when Sarah Palin was here four years ago, gladly. Stood in line an hour recently at the Romney Rally, thrilled at the tremendous turnout, a packed out event.

Thanks to Ms. Plowman, whom I met in line before me, for arranging that I could sit down until my turn to vote.

Thanks to God too for the extra time to pray until my turn to vote. Tears filled my eyes with gratitude for the great turnout at these three events.

At this writing, I don’t know who our next president will be. My prayer and hope is that he will humble himself, obey God, the Bible, our forefathers, our only hope for our beloved nation. May he depend on our Creator to return our beloved America to God.

It took three days of intense prayer before our Constitution evolved. Prayer produces good results.

God bless all who executed their privilege to vote today.

I can’t wait ‘til it’s all over. To God be the glory!

God bless us all as only He can.

Chrys Holley

Milton, Fla.