Ashley Dawn Krasinski describes herself as a super-mom by day and songwriter by night, but now she can add another accomplishment to her bio — actress.

The 28-year-old, who goes by the name Ashley Dawn, has been selected as a featured singer in a film about female country icon Patsy Cline, titled “Patsy.”

Dawn graduated from Pace High School in 2002 and currently resides in Atmore, Ala. with her husband, three children and oldest stepson, who attends college at Pensacola State.

She auditioned for “Patsy” in Mobile, Ala., in late December and received a call from Chance Film Productions last week with the exciting news.

According to John Russell, producer with Kansas City-based Chance Films, Dawn will be one of the 12 featured singers. The story revolves around a producer who does a nationwide search for someone to play the role of Patsy Cline. The final 12 artists who are considered for the role of Patsy will be featured singers in the film.

She started taking piano lessons at age seven and later picked up the guitar, playing in the school band and performing at small venues.

As a musician and singer, Dawn considers herself a versatile artist and a folk/rock performer.

She became a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International about three years ago and is currently a coordinator with Atmore/Brewton Region Chapter. She also mentors people interested in writing songs on a personal basis.

“We’re not in an area with a lot of direction (for musicians or songwriters),” she said. “Someone who really wants to do it, like I did, can feel lost.”

Russell said the crew will begin filming “Patsy” by the end of March, mainly in Alabama with special scenes shot in places such as Louisiana and Nashville.

“We’re eager to get underway,” Russell said. “When we audition in Mobile we just loved it.”

While looking forward to her role in the film, Dawn, the self-proclaimed “bubble gum chewin.’ guitar pickin.’ stay at home mama turned acoustic diva after bath time” is also working to record and self-produce her first radio ready album — “in between bleaching socks and grocery shopping,” she said.

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