Friday, 9:43 p.m.
Yes, I would like to say how spot-on the caller Bob was on Wednesday, Jan. 30, about how hypocritical the red-light camera debacle has become. He stated the city officials said it wasn’t about money; it was about security. I can understand it being about safety, but the word “security” kind of threw me. And then they wanted to set it down because it didn’t collect enough money. Bob, the Southeast of the United States is the cornerstone of American hypocrisy. The Confederacy was founded by slave owners that wanted to be free. We have people that say life that believe strongly in the death penalty. We Southerners like our buffets: the one on Sunday after church, then the buffet of the Consitution and the Bible where we pick the passages we agree with and ignore the rest. Leviticus comes to mind. I wiould like just one person to state where history has shown that the South was right on any Constitutional issue dealing with equality of all men. Thank you.

Sunday, 9:30 a.m.
Hello, this is Ryan. For the people that are concerned about drilling in the Blackwater River and state forest and are fearful of the effects to the forest, listen up. Just take a drive down Whiting Field Circle just north of NAS Whiting Field base, and see the destruction a proposed dirt bike club has done to 640 new acres of Blackwater River State Forest. This 640 acres is part of 1,100 acres that was newly taken over by the Blackwater River State Forest, which is right in our own backyard, for those who didn’t know. The hogwire fencing you will see is the private dirt bike club’s land to do with as they please. Public land, taken over, fenced in, paid to enter, all for profit. So please don’t worry about drilling — that will be managed. This will not. Forestry gone, taxpayers’ money at work again. Thank you.

Sunday, 1:50 p.m.
Hi. My name is D.W., and I also live in Avalon Beach. We moved here from a huge metropolitan area in the North, so we really enjoy the bayou activities, the waterfront and all the things there are here. And we are aware that the sheriff’s department is stretched to its very limit, merely because they have to spend a lot of time investigating items. The roads here have been designed to be a certain speed limit according to the rules of the state of Florida and the engineers who develop it. The behavior is speeding. That is it, pure and simple. If you exceed the speed limit on this road, things can happen toyou. Labeling a certain area of Santa Rosa County with names and things like that isn’t going to coreect the speeding issue. There was a wreck this weekend on Avalon Beach, so we’re gonna try to form some kind of neighborhood area thing that we can just investigate the area so we can make it a safer place. Thank you.