FRIDAY, 2:07 P.M.
Hi, this message is for the Speak Out people who are asking about the Del Monte speed limit. There is a big, 8-foot sign that says 45 mph. That’s the speed limit. On another tone, the parents need to safeguard their children in their fenced yards, as well as their animals. It’s not the drivers’ fault; it is the parents who are not watching their children. They need to keep them safely and not have them running in the streets. The people who complain from Avalon Beach, they need to contact their county commissioner, Mr. Williamson, and see that he puts lights, he puts drainage, he puts sidewalks. The place there looks just like a third-world country. Just look at the area where you live, and don’t worry about the speed limit. There have been a lot of deputies giving tickets on Del Monte. The speed limit again is 45 mph, for those that have not seen it. It’s on Del Monte and 15th Avenue.

Yeah, this is about the guy that killed the dog again. In the first, what he admitted to was there was three dogs running deer, and he got down and tried to catch them. Then he went to his camp, and the dog he killed was doing nothing but hanging out at the camp. I believe I read that right. The dog was not molesting wildlife or anything like that. And again, the state’s attorney’s offi ce, I’m ashamed. Really, really ashamed. And something needs to be done about it. This don’t need to be let go.

Hello, this is Anne. I was just calling to ask if the mayor reported that he had already hired a guy to plant all these beautiful trees that he has ideas of planting to make this place look like Disney World. That sounds just a little bit ridiculous to me, but he’s got more friends he needs to hire, I’m sure, as he’s already done several. As far as the man and the dog, there was no reason to drag that dog if he’d already been dead, and that man needs to leave this place. We don’t need somebody like that in Santa Rosa County, and he should be prosecuted to the fullest.

Yeah, this is Bobby. Just a couple of things about the dog. All these people getting bent out of shape about somebody killing a dog. Dogs are not humans. They are property. And say you had a dog you had to get rid of; you can’t afford to keep him. You could take him to the vet and pay them $100 and they’ll kill him for you. Or you could shoot him. Or you could take him to the county, and they’ll put him in there, and they’ll kill him for you. So what’s the difference? If it’s dead, it’s dead. You can’t expect them to treat a dog like a human. They can’t be cruel to them, but when is shooting something cruel? You shoot deer; you shoot squirrels. Lighten up a little bit, people.

Hi, Jim here. Just finished reading all the injustices being done in our county, Santa Rosa. Any intelligent, law-abiding, honest person — well, does anyone fit that description? — but anyway. First, real estate people do not have to divulge any information when it comes to EPA standards. This chemical company, shut it down, EPA. Or are they being paid off? Second, the guy who’s running around after shooting and making sure the dog is dead by dragging it, put him in jail. Or does he know someone? Third, is there any way we can get honest, uncorruptible men in office, whether it be the sheriff, the state attorney’s office, and yes, even our county commissioners. I think I’m missing a whole lot. Anyway, corruption will be corruption.

Hey, this is Dennis. I look at the news, and I believe common sense has left the room. I am at peace because I put my trust in God. Our country is full of educated idiots. A guy told me one time that you can’t fix stupid.

SUNDAY, 1:55 P.M.
Hi, my name is Marie, and I have lived in the Avalon Beach area for several years and have always been interested in the recent trend of columns regarding speeding in Avalon Beach. Montecito is a very narrow road, 30 mph. Nobody goes that speed. People go by at 60 on Del Monte. The additional school bus signs are refreshing, but “Watch for children” signs are available also. Perhaps we should just paint those cement pillars and put up some neon signage that tells people the speed limit. Most people think the speed limit is the slowest you can go here.

SUNDAY, 9:07 P.M.
Hello, this is Bob. There’s a time there was a cry from our local city officials to put cameras up at red lights. Our chief of police said it wasn’t about money; it was about security. Now there’s a cry to take the cameras down now that the city isn’t making money. They are crying that the only one making money is the company that is leasing the cameras. Security – are you kidding?

MONDAY, 10:34 A.M.
Hello, this is Bob. It’s a day of disgrace, shame and sadness when we as a nation vote to put our women on the front lines of combat. No wonder we’re becoming a nation of cowardly spineless, homosexual men.

TUESDAY, 8:41 A.M.
Hi, this is Jo. Thank you for covering the school board meeting. I watched the video online and was shocked by the superintendent’s cocky attitude toward the parent who questioned the appointment of the East Milton Elementary principal to a county administration position during a hiring freeze. These officials work for the taxpayers and should be respectful toward parents making inquiries about how our tax monies are spent. I was informed that employee is a member of Mr. Wyrosdick’s family. Does the school board not have nepotism policies in place regarding special appointments such as this, especially considering this person was making over twice what teachers make? We need more teach