Monday, 9:38 p.m.
This is in regard to the criminal who shot the hunting dog. A crime was done, and it was done as a crime with a gun. Now in any other case, this would be considered cruelty to animals. Isn’t this a felony? He should be charged with a felony and have all his gun rights removed as well as all his guns taken away from him. He took time after shooting the dog, then tying it up and dragging it down the road. How do we know that before he drug it, that the dog was really dead? How can the state attorney’s office determine anything other than a felony? Maybe the state attorney’s office needs to be investigated to see if they may belong to the hunting club themselves.

Tuesday, 8:26 a.m.
I commend the person who spoke out against the injustice of the state attorney’s office in reference to the dog killing incident. Is the malicious gruesome act that followed the murder being left without accountability? He not only committed a crime with a gun, he continued on to mutilate the animal without remorse. It brings to mind what connections he has with law enforcement in an effort not to lose his gun rights, which he should. Is our state attorney’s office so incompetent that we don’t see the severity of the whole crime? My hope is that the judge will. My support is to the owner and to hope he will take further needed action against this criminal. Thank you.

Tuesday, 8:30 a.m.
Yes, this is Mary, a concerned senior citizen. Congratulations to all of you that put the socialist president back in offi ce again. You’re gonna see things in the next four years that you’ll never believe that you’re gonna see. You’re gonna lose more gun control rights, the Second Amendment, it’s gonna affect senior citizens a lot with Medicare, Social Security, the health reform acts and many other rights in this country that we’ve never, never had to experience. It’s just that people need to wake up and fi nd out what’s going on. Stand up. Our religious freedom is at stake, and all these things that we’ve taken for granted all these years. And another thing, whoever took my signs out of my driveway, you know, that’s stealing. I’d like for you to understand that if I knew who you were, I’d have you arrested. OK?

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