Friday, 8:19 a.m.
Hi, my name is Jane, and I live in Avalon Beach also. I’m very concerned about the speeding on Del Monte. Right now, if you turn from 14th Avenue onto Del Monte, there is no speed limit sign, which probably makes a lot of people think there is no speed limit. To even aggravate the condition more, they’re making it easier to access Del Monte, which means come warmer weather, all the fishermen are gonna come down this way because it’s easier to get to the boat launch, which means they go home that way, and who knows what condition they’re in when they’re going home? As far as the homeless shelter in Milton, when the homeless shelter in Milton and the speed bumps are erected on Del Monte, you better look up, because there’s gonna be squadrons of flying pigs. Thank you.

Friday, 4:38 p.m.
Yeah, this is Bobby. I was watching TV about some of the Obama and Biden deal on gun control and all. Restricting guns to keep some crazy person from killing people is about like restricting cars to keep drunk drivers off the road. You need to go after the drunk driver, and you need to go after the crazy people. You can restrict guns all you want to, but if you don’t do something about all the weirdos, then they’re still gonna get guns. I haven’t seen one yet that bought his own guns. The one in Connecticut stole his mother’s guns. If anything, maybe they should go after her for not properly locking them up. Of course, she’s dead now, so I don’t see how they can do that. Thank you.

Saturday, 10:49 a.m.
Yeah, this is Bobby. I just wonder what they’re doing with the old historic brick they’re taking up on old Highway 90 in East Milton, where they’re making the bike trail. Milton always seems like they’re a little behind. When I was growing up, the streets in downtown Milton were paved with brick, and they paved over that. We also had a U.S. Customs building right there next to the bridge on Blackwater River. A lot of people don’t think of that, but it was a sailing port, and they tore that down, so that’s gone. It’d be nice if that was there now. You would think they could take some of those old bricks and put them in the crosswalks all through downtown Milton, and that would look good, but knowing Milton, they’re probably putting those in the landfill. I know it’s not Milton’s fault, but they’d look good if they kept a few of them and did that. Thank you.

Saturday, 2:09 p.m.
To me, it would be very interesting, as the old saying goes, to know how the state attorney’s office knew the dog that was shot and dragged did not suffer. Also, to Joe, who mentioned the county commissioners, did you ever expect any different? But I bet you voted for them. Thank you.

Saturday, 2:15 p.m.
About the dog killing, you’re not allowed in this state to just automatically shoot a dog that has gotten out of his pen. You have to give the owner a chance to do something about the dog. You can’t just arbitrarily shoot a dog, unless he’s menacing you, and I’ve never seen a poor old hound menace anybody.

Sunday, 7:12 a.m.
Mr Editor, I am ashamed that you are taking up for the state attorney’s office. This is totally ridiculous. If you commit a crime with a gun in the state of Florida, you are supposed to do jail time. This guy killed somebody’s dog, took the law into his own hands. That is totally wrong. He should have gotten in touch with the proper authorities and done it the way it’s supposed to be done. It goes on and says in this other deal, when hunting dogs venture onto the wrong property, the FWC says he shouldn’t have done what he done, and something should be done about it. And the state attorney’s office, to drop this like this, is totally out of line. And for you to take up for them is totally out of line, in my opinion. What he done is wrong, and something needs to be done about it. It’s not different than somebody trespassing on his property. The dog trespassed on his property. And then for him to drag it down the road, to make a point, is totally wrong. The owner of the dog should do something about it. Stand up for what is right. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Sunday, 8 p.m.
Yes, this is Maria over here in Milton. Last Tuesday, I went to a Spanish flamenco show at the state college in Pensacola. It was beautiful. We need to bring more groups like that to enlighten the area. Not only so many crimes and all that stuff. We need to have something happy going on, not only in Pensacola, but here too. Thank you to Speak Out and the Press Gazette for letting me say my opinion. I’m grateful to you guys so I can speak out and say how beautiful that flamenco group was. They were people from all over, not only from Mexico, from Nicaragua, from Germany, from New Orleans. None of them were Spanish, but my god, if you see them dance, they are beautiful. Tuesday night I slept very well and very happy. Thank you to all these people that came to make people so happy for one night.